What happens when our relationships drive our art

I’d never met him before, and he’d made me cry. What was it like to be Kazuo Ishiguro, I wondered, and to know that, at any moment, you could encounter a stranger whom you’d made cry? I guess, as with anything: strange at first, and then gradually less strange. He was reading at a synagogueContinue reading “What happens when our relationships drive our art”

Five unforgettable contemporary (short story) characters

I’ll be teaching a creative writing course in the fall, so I’ve been shuffling, brushing, idling my way through all my favorite short stories, mining them for the best possible instances of pen to paper or fingers to keys. In doing so, I realized that plot–while important–doesn’t wedge itself into the crevices of my mindContinue reading “Five unforgettable contemporary (short story) characters”