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First they brought in the dupe. Then she disappeared.

One year ago, Veda Powell’s sister—a clone designed for combat—was selected for the first trial of Sicora Online. At some point Veda’s sister was swapped out, and the person who came back wasn’t Prairie.

Such is a clone’s life: they live and die quietly. And they are easily replaced. No one noticed—except Veda.

Six months later, the note arrived in Braille. Just one word: “Mayday.” Help. Veda knew her real sister was still alive.

Eighteen-year-old Veda isn’t a gamer, and as a blind clone she definitely doesn’t have Prairie’s physical prowess. She manages small-time fast food AI, servicing kiosks in a world without color. But she doesn’t have a choice: she has to survive long enough inside the ever-shifting world of Sicora to find Prairie.

And that means Veda’s got to toughen up.

The Sorting is Book 1 in the Sicora Online series.

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