Spearheaded the creation and management of Save the Children Action Network’s blog, The Voice for Kids:

Save the Children Action Network blog

A few of my posts:

A Father’s Day gift: Iowa dad advocates for his son,” June 16, 2017.

“In honor of dads everywhere, for Father’s Day this year we’re featuring SCAN volunteer and great dad, Matt Bennett, who two years in a row has flown from his home in Iowa to Washington, D.C. to be a voice for his son.” (More…)

Best job ever: helping Americans become political advocates,” January 27, 2017.

“Around the office, we call her tireless.

She works nights, weekends, and probably in her sleep from her office in Mahomet, Illinois, and she is a remarkable activist for children. Today, we’re in conversation with Diana Onken, Save the Children Action Network’s Director of Mobilization.” (More…)

Photo journey: How 200 advocates became the political voice for kids,” December 23, 2016.

“Every year, we bring together supporters from around the country to call on our elected leaders to invest in kids. This year, we flew in more than 200 advocates for two days of sessions, speakers and meetings with their representatives.” (More…)

At the Democratic National Convention, learning about kids’ issues and having some fun along the way,” July 29, 2016.

“Last week we made our presence known at the Republican National Convention. When we went to the Democratic National Convention this week, we had one goal: to raise awareness about kids’ issues.

Over the course of four days, we had thousands of people visit our SCAN Lounge to learn more about what our next president must do to invest in kids to make sure kids at home and around the world survive and thrive.” (More…)

What is SCAN doing at the Republican National Convention?” July 21, 2016.

“The better question: what aren’t we doing at the convention?

On Monday, we launched the Save the Children Action Network Lounge in Cleveland, a hub for activists and delegates to gather as we remind voters and the nation about the critical importance of investing in kids.

We brought corn hole, virtual reality headsets, tablets where visitors could sign petitions to help kids survive and thrive — and a bunch of very excited staff.” (More…)


Managed the editorial calendar for all content written for Save the Children Action Network’s blog, The Voice for Kids.

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Posts edited while working in the Department of Communications at Peace Corps:

‘Telling my PC story isn’t as simple as “ant soup”‘, April 29, 2014.

‘Never give up -OR- the fab five’, September 24, 2013. (Here’s a before-and-after of my edits.)

‘Little boys, big knives’, September 16, 2013.

‘Water, water…where are you?’, August 27, 2013.

‘Message from a PC sister: this American changed the course of my life’, August 22, 2013.

‘Photo essay: finding their photo voice’, August 12, 2013.

‘How do you translate “Boing”?’, July 22, 2013.

‘When it comes to teaching, it’s the little things, like shark robots’, July 8, 2013.

‘If you build a library, they will read’, June 21, 2013.

‘The PCV giving tree’, June 15, 2013.

Web Content

Drafted and curated all content as the web content manager for Save the Children Action Network:

Save the Children Action Network website

Served as the web content manager and blogger for the Ujima for Children International Foundation:

Ujima For Children Internation Foundation


As the web editor for Save the Children Action Network:

Wins for kids in 2016

2016 Save the Children Action Network wins for kids graphic

The scary costs of childcare

Halloween 2016 childcare graphic

As a web content strategist for the National Association of REALTORS®:

5 Ways You Can Build Your Network With NAR


The Fun Stuff


“Time Capsule,”  Kenyon Review Online, Fall 2012. (Republished in Aster(ix) Journal, Fall 2013.)

“We buried the capsule in the backyard, a few inches under the ground. We were thirteen, an age that shivers indeterminate: you know nothing or you know everything. Still, Nana and I felt able to answer genuinely the questions about who we were then and what we would be in ten years. She wouldn’t trowel the dirt with me, and I didn’t much like the clay caking my fingers, but I dug by myself with her crouching nearby. Around her, I did things I wouldn’t normally do.” (More…)

“Peach-arse,” Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spring/Summer 2012.

“There it was, a life: a block of flats pocked with frost-pane windows, the facing building identical. The two of them were rising twins in the evening, squared windows lit, shaded with movement of fidgeting, fawning. On the second story balcony, a row, the woman’s voice yelling something about her baby and a slag, and everything’s a nightmare, you know…”

“Third Wife,”  Bellevue Literary Review, Fall 2011.  Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

“June mornings in Singapore hang like woolen blankets on a line, the air cloying, jellying in the lungs. The rain, when it comes, shrugs southward across the city. It pulls at the high fronds of the palms on Mount Sophia until it reaches and whistles the glass panes of Eu Villa. The house rises like a pillar above the harbor city, spire-topped at each corner, the church-like dome at its center looming far, far above. It is the task of the servants—at once, it would seem—to swing the windows open and aside, to allow the air through the marble halls and down to the city and then on across the strait to Sumatra. ” (More…)

Video editing

Solo in Serbia. I spent four days in Belgrade, Serbia in 2016. It was magnificent.

Solo in Serbia screencap

Sometimes you’re walking through Vienna. Rainier than Serbia, with more horse heads; no less magnificent.

Vienna screencap